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Christmas Tree Bob
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***Hi! To settle the confusion...the balance on the $325 Bob after the $50 deposit is $275 + tax + credit card fee (you may also check out with your checking account on the the final invoice and avoid this) is roughly $300. I rounded it out just to give you a ball park. you will receive a final invoice when your Bob is ready that will spell all of this out. I can count I promise, and I'm not adding wrong...I promise...

Tiki meets Grandma’s Christmas tree!
Merry Christmas all year long!
Janet said wouldn’t it be cool if we made grandma’s old ceramic Christmas tree with a Bob and it was born!
Designed and hand sculpted by John Mulder (Mulder142).
Includes the tree, the base, the light fixture and bulb, 50 plastics multicolor bulbs(bulbs, birds and bows) and of course a star ⭐️ on top. Star color will be random, red, yellow or clear. There are 46 holes in the Bob Tree so you will have 4 extra random color plastic bulbs in case the cat gets one or two lol.
We will be offering these throughout the year so flippers need not apply.
Please only one tree per person/household!

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